Mineral Processing, Hydrometallurgy, Advanced & Nanomaterials

         Mineral Processing & Hydrometallurgy 

FiMatCon makes available to you our more than 55 years of combined product/ process development experience in hydrometallurgy, mineral processing  from laboratory to industrial scale. 

Experiences in base metals (cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc etc), precious metals (platinum, palladium, gold, silver, ruthenium etc), oxide and hydroxide (including mixed metal hydroxides precursor for battery materials) and ceramic powder process development

With improvements in mineral processing and hydrometallurgy , it has become possible to mine increasingly lower grade ores. Although the processes has become more complex , the core process equipment  in mineral processing/hydromatllurgy remains the same. We at FiMatCon understand your requirement for a stable, cost effective  and optimized process . We can look into your process and fix your process issues.Every mineral processing/hydrometryllurgy operation/plant has its own particularity i.e ore types, operation philosophy, equipment etc. Evaluation the operation parameters and their influences on the process becomes primordial for a sustainable and cost effective operation.

We offer a range of services to help you. Whether you are troubleshooting your process/operations or developing  a new product or improving an existing product, if your process/operations  don’t perform as desired, we can help you not only identify the problem, but to improve your process  so it does not happen again.

FMatCon offers the following services:

    Mineral Processing
    Product & Process development
    Process and Product Optimisation
    Plant Troubleshooting