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FiMatCon provides consulting services in hydrometallurgy, mineral processing and fine particle technology. Our experts can help you with your process development and troubleshoot your operations.
FiMatConmakes available to you our more than 65 years of combined product/ process development experience in hydrometallurgy, mineral processing and nano and micron sized powder development from laboratory to industrial scale.

FiMatCon will present an invited talk at Nano-2016 in Goergia
FiMatCon is offering industrial Pumps through its affiliate FiPumps
FiMatCon will attend the ICANM 2015 Conference in Ottawa.

 Specialized services are provided in the following areas:
  • Process development for base metals, precious metals, metal oxides, hydroxides & selenides.
  • Process and plant troubleshooting.
  • Technology  transfer of FiMatCon Processes (Contact us for details)
  • Fine powder technology (metals, oxides, hydroxides and ceramic powders, any size and shape).


Commodity Materials (Base and precious)

Energy Materials (Batteries & Solar cells)
Hard and Electronic Materials
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